Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Losing Teeth: A Weird Right of Passage

The years I spent with Playgroup in Chicago were a hoot, every day was a new adventure. One of the many extra curricular activities that went along with the teaching position, which regularly crossed over with my art, design and craft life, were the tooth boxes, which I have written about before.  So, let us retread this old territory together, and try not to look too bored. 

The initial sketches become drawings which are then inked, very run of the mill. The only real challenge of this project is the format - these are measured to fit inside the boxes, and thus are a scant two inches wide by just over one inch tall. 

After the drawing is all cleaned up, the watercolor comes into play, and after allowing for the tiny paintings to dry thoroughly, I use mod-lodge to stick them in and lacquer them over. 

The letters and teeth on the top are paper cut, and I hit them with the mod-lodge as well. The look is clean, vibrant, and is hopefully will help releive the children of their natural reactions to their teeth falling right out of their heads.