Saturday, October 5, 2013

Big Moves

       It's anything but rare for a post on this blog to start with some iteration of the phrase 'it's been a while...' It is rare, however, for a post here to have little or nothing to do with art, and a lot of personal info. Brace yourself, here comes some artless personalizing!

       A few, some, maybe even many of you know me IRL (as the kids say) and thusly know that my family (loving wife and scornful cat) have recently made a big move from the thrills of Chicago to the old comforts of home (kind of) in the beautiful and buggy town of Lawrence, Kansas, where Martha grew up and where I was schooled. As readers of this blog may remember, I have kept in touch with the good Lawrencians in my life by visiting every year (at least once) and hosting art camps with kids that I taught in preschool so long ago that a few of them are nearly taller than me... 'Cause I'm old

       The question we heard the most since making and publicizing the decision to move was, "why?" Now, having been a teacher of the younglings for more then nine years now, I have a strong habit of giving well-thought-out, honest answers to this question, mostly in the mind of stopping it from perpetually repeating in an all-too-common black hole of curiosity. There are plenty of reasons, and I won't bore you with them here, but we moved, and before we did, we tried our damnedest to soak up every last drop our favorite people and things in Chicago. Here is the criminally short list:

Oh, Lake Michigan... We never did spend enough time together.

The Museum Campus spider-gym at night

My dearest nephew, Mutley, the only dog Smokie ever didn't try to murder.

The fireworks from the bridge at Paul's parents' house in the suburbs...

Where we were lucky enough to get our WASP on with the Munro's, four Fourth's running.

Okay, some of this post is art stuff; Indoor and outdoor art markets, where I feel like I was finally getting an audience. I'll be back for these, though, worry not, Chicago nerds! Above is my last Chicago Flea in June, below is the Revolution Craft Show in July.

Oh, the Charleston; Where my brother and our wonderful friends threw us an amazing surprise going away party. Seriously, the best place in town.

There are two people who I couldn't have done without, and who will be desperately missed. Above, my brother Charles, Charlie, Chu - no, never Chuck. We were lucky enough to become better brothers and real friends, something I can't say enough about. What a guy. 

Below, that trouble-maker on the left: Mary. Oh, Mary! You know what I'm typing about. Think of the very best person... She's like that, twice. 

And all of you jerks (you know who you are) who I love, my bros and my ladies, you know you are on this list, I just can't post a picture of everyone. You know, though... and so do I. Much love to everyone! Come visit!

Last but not least, Playgroup, my job and family for the past six years. These kids and their parents did almost as much for me in Chicago as anyone. A job's a job and work's work, but the majority of my time in the company of these little goofballs felt less like work than the vastness that I've done elsewhere.

       We moved! And, while we hated to go, Kansas, so far, has been good to us, and more or less what we signed up for. Everything is a little harder than you think it will be, it's fair in my mind to say that is a universal truth. Saying goodbye (or at least, see you later) to our friends and coworkers, to my brother and to the kids and families I'd grown so fond of, was not easy. I've rarely felt more loved than when it finally started coming time to go. So long, Chicago! See you soon.

P.S. Smokie was very good on what ended up being a 13 hour drive. Good kitty... Don't kill me.