Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strengthening My Online Presence...

       I've long considered this my website, but wanted something more to show my stuff online. I answer a lot of emails and craigslist ads with a link, and the problem with a blog is that the 'front page' is whatever was last written, and that's not always, well, good representation. So now, behold the mighty! It's a stable outlet for my portfolio and such, and this here blog can continue it's ever useful blogginess! Here's the screengrab - hit the link to check it out in real-time.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A return to old comforts...

       It's been two years, almost to the day, since I started drawing superheroes and video-game characters for a collection of work entitled 'Heroes and Villains of a Devoted Youth.' It was the most fun I'd had thence (thus in past tense?) far, and it sold pretty well too!  My friends and acquaintances enjoyed it, too, and I recently started selling prints. This return to older wrk got me going again, and I'm officially started on 'Heroes and Villains II,' and thought I had better share some peeks at the new stuff. I feel like the style has matured a lot in the years passed... what do YOU think, reader? I'm assuming there, that there's only one reader... maybe a little too honest... 

       Here is a look at the Superman piece I started a few days ago. Once colored, I think it will be more clear that he's ditching his clothes at top speed. No title ideas yet...

       This one is tentatively titled 'The Call.' It's the first finished for the new series, and has waaay more story than the art from the last collection. They were mostly portrait style - very little background, which is what I'm trying to use to differentiate the two collections. Details below...

        This is the beginning of a painting that MIGHT be called 'Bad-Ass.' I can't decide yet, though... I'd like to name it something with a little narrative, maybe from the perspective of the viewer, as a thug, who's just been cornered...

Pretty NEW Things

       These are the four new pieces that I finished in time for the show last month. They added to the 'Pretty Things' collection, and the most recent one, 'Goldfish Are Friendly' became my new favorite. Here are some pictures. Oh - and I painted a boy this time too!

Goldfish Are Friendly (detail) 1' by 3' oil and pencil on wood - $350

Mr. Blue Morpheus - 6" by 6" oil and graphite on wood - $100

Tulip Lover - 6" by 6" oil and graphite on wood - $100

Looking Back - 6" by 6" oil and graphite on wood - $100

Goldfish Are Friendly (detail)

Goldfish Are Friendly (detail)

Goldfish Are Friendly (detail) 1' by 3' oil and pencil on wood - $350

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Call of the Nerd

       In the past year I've spent a lot of time talking about brushing up on my comic book style, sharpening my pencils and stocking up on illustration board, and not doing a whole-hell-of-a-lot about it. 

       It's getting better though - after the show at Pause, I decided to take a break from the girly paintings and get the portfolio going, on the serious comics side, as well as the other.

       I'm getting started on a new collection of superhero/video-game inspired pictures (the first two of which I'll be posting soon), and revisiting the older stuff from ought seven. 

       I've got prints ready to go, and they'll be on sale at Astrokitty in a few weeks. As for right now, check out my etsy shop!