Friday, September 17, 2010

Notes from Renegade Craft Fair: Chicago 2010

I'm still so pleased that I was lucky enough to be accepted into the top third of applicants to this summers Renegade Craft Fair. Being as it was my first art/craft fair, I didn't know what to expect. Being that it was Renegade, easily one of the most hip and largely attended in the City, I was caught COMPLETELY unawares at how exhausting it would be! What fun, though.
Check out our tent! I split with charming and talented Heather Muenstermann, owner of Green Genes here in Chicago, and possessor of the crafty-goodness of Big Girl Art, her catchy name for all her wonderfully stuffed things.

That's Heather on the right, womanning the booth with my lovely wife, Martha.

Heather's Sweater Dudes, Gals and Pals made a real FUZZ at the fair. They really WOUND UP the competition! Really made them SWEAT! She was the KNIT big thing! Haha... heh... sorry.

Ahem - Mary helped on the first day. She hates this picture, but I wanted to give her a shout out as my continuously most reliable side-kicks. We forgot the rain flaps on the morning we were to set-up, and good old Mary went the extra twenty miles round trip to get them from my dining room. Thanks, Mary! We couldn't have been even REMOTELY dry without you!

Martha came along to lend a hand on day two, when things really got moving. I couldn't BELIEVE how many people were at this thing - it was shoulder to shoulder all day Sunday.

There's a closer look at my little set up. People really liked my super-hero and Harry Potter inspired prints.

The peg people were popular, too. They really drew people into the tent. I mean, come on, they're so CUTE! The great and amazing Rachael Burs also helped on day two, and proved yet again that life is less awesome without Rachael around. Thanks, buddy!

Renegade turned out to be a great learning experience, and a little lucrative to boot. I'll definitely be applying again in the future. Thanks to everyone who braved the rain-or-shine to make it out and check out our tent - we really appreciate the support!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Or at least, the LATEST countdown. That seems less dramatic, though, somehow.

Renegade Craft Fair (Chicago Edition) is fast approaching, so I've been up late every night getting as much done for the sale as I can manage. Now we're almost down to a week, I had better redouble my efforts, as the British chaps always say in old war movies.

Here are some of the latest pegs I've been working on, and a sign for my booth, (I think) cleverly titled Ben There! Pop Nostalgia.

Some more substantial 3" Potter Pegs!

The dementor was the idea of my brilliant co-worker Jake Minton, playwright extrordinairre . He was right - take the scary (Dementors), slap some cute on it (squee!) and it rule(Z).

This is the latest piece of commission work I did - it's a wedding gift, for a couple out in San Diego, from their very generous and thoughtful friend Simone. That's the bride as Batman, The groom as Supes, and yes, they are under the sea... Which, I was very suspicious about, when Simone requested it, but it turned out pretty DARN cute.

Just look at those jellyfish!

Signing off! I'll write again after the fair! Come see me, September 11 and 12 in beautiful Wicker Park!