Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Peg a Day, Something Something Something.

In preparation for the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair, I've been trying to do a peg for every day. Sometimes I make that goal, sometimes I don't... either way, the results are unanimously decreed CUTE! Here's a shot of a few finished ones, and a few with a lot of potential!

Below, you'll see that the size difference allows for a LOT of difference in style! The big Harry ('big' being 3") is far and away my favorite - he's just so much more 'toy' than the others. I've also, in the last few weeks, switched to a satin finish, water-based varnish, so they'll be safe for the kiddies to gnaw on from this point forward. I purposely left one Harry out of the shot, as to illustrate one of my very favorite chapters EVER: The Seven Potters.

This shot, on the other hand, has less resonance. I don't remember ever regarding 'The Six Chewies as an important part of a great adventure. But then... maybe!

Oh, my... beep-boop-blip!

Quick, SPIDEY! Whallop that zombie!

The last photo was taken on my sun porch, where I do my spraying, because of all of the windows. I thought it was pretty, and it looks like it's from Where the Wild Things Are (the movie, not the book).

DIG! More news soon!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Star Wars day!

Here are some of my newest (and most celestial) pegs!