Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beasts of Burden

Here I am again making the mistake of finding the time to post about a show AFTER the opening - but at least I brought pictures!

If you follow me on twitter (@benrum) or instagram (benrum), then you already know that I have a show of hunting trophies hanging at The Inkling Shop in west Lakeview, in Chicago. It's a great little shop with a lot of local art on display and for sale, and I am proud to count myself among the ranks of talent that they represent.

This is the second round of wood cut 2-D/3-D hunting trophies I have made. They are fun to work on, and in the opinions of myself and the cheery people I tend to surround myself with, they just keep getting better! One factor that really upped the quality on these was my newly purchased combination belt and disc sander. See the nice bevelled edge on that giraffes mount? That's all belt sander, right there!
It was a really fun night with a pretty nice turnout of friends and strangers, and I again wish to convey my gratitude to everyone who made it out. Thanks, y'all!
True to form, I finished the zebra a few hours before the opening, and like most of the last-minute pieces I've managed to squeeze in before deadline, he kind of stole the show... though he can't old a candle to the tyrannosaur! Good show, great people, fun times, HOORAY!