Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Campfire Friends step-by-step

Some of my favorite things I have made are my embroidustrations, which I started in the early summer of 2010. Aside from a few commissions and tiny side projects, I hadn't revisited the medium until this month, in preparation for the mini show I had last week at Kustom Kribs (a kids boutique in Park Ridge). I was thrilled to get back into it, because as time-consuming and hand-cramping as all of the sewing can be, of the varying media I work with, I think these have the most unique look.

Here is a step-by-step series documenting the creation of 'Campfire Friends,' one of the new pieces for the show.

This piece has a lot more thought in the layering than most of the others, all due to the composition of the over-lapping logs and flames. In the end it was worth the grief, but boy-howdy was there GRIEF!

You can't really see it in these photos, but the 'meat' of the logs (the inside, lighter tones) actually filled the bark. With as much over-lap as there is in this piece, I had to piece together the 'inner logs' to make the top levels of felt lay on the same level... ISN'T THAT INTERESTING?! Sorry - back to photos...

So much stitching...

Viola! I'll post all of the new work soon. Oh, and thanks for reading one of my more poorly writ posts!