Monday, March 15, 2010

Funny pictures and things with depth.

Firstly, primarily and foremost, this is our long un-blogged 'save the date.' We sent them out ages ago, and we've now been married for months, but I had completely forgotten about this picture. While stuffing and addressing envelopes with Martha and Mary, I snapped this photo, after inadvertently dropping a stack of cards on top of a David Sedaris book, completing our faces in an inadvertently hilarious way. Hoo-boy! Now, on with the arts and crafts!

My latest hoop is covering one of my most well-worn subjects, Mr. Harry J Potter (who is awesome) and his little pal Hedwig (who rules... oh, HOO-rules!), standing before the castle Hogwarts (jealous). So cute!

Here's a closer look. With this piece, I ventured away form the regular, even stitch. I used the thread to add feathery details on the wings, and used a thicker, orange embroidery floss to sew in the owl's feet. Also, if you can see, the border stitches are both longer and tied closer to one another.

Next was the latest puppet for The Felt Show. This one isn't a made up character like most of the others, but made in the likeness of Paul Santos, my good friend, and the founder/leader of the troop. Hey Paul!


And finally, a little more Potter goodness! I received my order of wooden pegs in the mail today (exciting stuff, no?), and hustled over to my desk, threw desk-things on the floor, and busted out the acrylics. I think my plan is going to work... I feel like some geeky peg people might sell kind of well!

Just in case you were wondering, that's supposed to be the Marauder's Map in his right hand. So cute!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One for my Homey

My buddy Amber is going through some trying times, recovering from what has been a pretty serious illness. Needless to say, she's racked up some pretty heavy bills. It's fundraiser time, people! Here's the flyer I made for Amber's upcoming event. If you have a big huge heart and at least a medium sized wallet, check out the flyer and contact Cami to do your part!