Thursday, May 29, 2014


It's been a while (maybe three years or more) since I had made anything with oil paint, even longer since I used them on canvas. That said, when I received a query for a 'regal cat portrait' from a close friend, I was equal parts excited and nervous. 

I started with a rough pencil sketch, and then set down to painting. I used to 'lose' the underpainting when I overworked the layers and covered things up, so I would take digital snaps of each major step. These days, what with good cameras in our phones, it was easier than ever to insure myself against any major missteps. 

Much like riding a bicycle, oil painting technique is kind of hard to forget, it seems, as I didn't run into many major struggles, aside form patience in allowing layers to dry (always my number one hiccup). 

In the end, the only element I'm wasn't 100% on board with were the stars, but they looked good enough for deadline! 

My résumé has since been updated to include 'regal pet portraiture'.