Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the hunt

       Hey there, reader! I'm taking a break from the insane work-train I've been riding for the past week-or-so to show you all what I have been up to, and what I'll be hawking this (black) Friday in Des Moines Market Day special event! I have never travelled for an event like this, so I'm equal parts excited and nervous that it will be a bust! 

       Hey, that was an almost tangent to the photos I have to share! I don't know if these qualify as busts, but I've been making these 'hunting trophies' for a few weeks now, and have enough to feel that they won't easily go over-looked at the event. Check them out! 

       Some of you may have met this noble giraffe before, he and the tiger were made for the Renegade fair in September. Everything else here is new. I used the back yard as a photo studio today, because the fence is closest thing we have to a rich, maple wall, where I guess real hunting trophies might hang. Also, the cloudy day gave me good even light, reflections on the gold and silver leafed plaques are a bugger! 

Sad Rhino is sad. It could almost be a meme!

The glittery deer was a mess to make, but all of the glitter is sealed, so no leavings to worry about!

This friendly croc has the coolest shadow, which you can catch in the group shot below.

Sleepy elephant is sleepy. Sorry, running out of jokes! All of these were cut from birch plywood with my handy scroll saw, and sanded lovingly to a clean, smooth finish. Josh helped. Thanks, Josh!

I love the cross slotted construction, and it shows best on the elephant - his ears look really cool sticking out from the plaque. The gold and silver really add to the 'trophy-ness' of these pieces and, though leafing is kind of a pickle to get right, the work is fun work.

I bought white flocking powder to dust the deer's white parts and antlers with (it would be fuzzy to the touch) but didn't have time to tinker with it for this series. It will have to happen with the next round.

The little fox is so cute, but I think his ears, when viewed dead-on like this, are so funny.

Who could behead such a cute little fox?!

The tiger is the only one who's still awake. Eye's wide open and teeth bared, this one is was the first, and also the only unfriendly one in the bunch.

Each one comes with the my logo on the back, just in case you forget where it came from!

       Of course, they look best in a group, so if you are going to order one, why not order three? These are currently available by inquiry or in person at Market Day, where I'll also be selling masks, prints, and hand-made Christmas ornaments, of which I have no photo right now. Soon! Or check my Instagram feed- that's where you can really keep up with my day-by-day progress on new pieces. 

       Oh! And if you aren't in Iowa, I've got a few events coming up fast here in the windiest of cities. Sunday, December 2nd I'll be at Santa Sunday at 7341 N Claremont, hosted by Margaret Mary grade-school. Then the next weekend, Dec 7th, 8th and 9th I'll be spending three LONG days at the Lakeview Christmas Market, at Ashland and Belmont. That one should be a real treat, with food vendors and artists and crafty-types, all inside a HUGE heated tent. Come out and see me! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Masks, about a month too late

The good thing about masks for kids is that they have a shelf life of 'forever.' The modern three year old is in some form of costume about 85% of the time, according to my data, so the fact that my animal masks were only available at Green Genes (and in my etsy shop) for about a week prior to Hallowe'en wasn't a complete loss. Here are some photos of some of my tiny friends modeling the latest fashions from the woodland runway!

A very spooky fox!
My favorite owl mask, and a silly cat.
Another fox in dark red and taupe!
Black cat!
A weary raccoon!
Two, er, woodland stormtroopers!
Clones! I still don't like that explanation... But hey, new (probably better) movies are coming down the line, so that will be cool. For now, let me know if you need a mask or two! below is the butterfly mask I made for my little niece Erielle. This one was a little more labor intensive, but I may just have to make a few for the shop.
Haha, look at her big ears poking out, what a cutie!
That's all for now! As always, thanks for reading!