Sunday, August 26, 2012

Boxing Teeth

Three or four days a week, I dry off my paintbrushes, store my pencils, and go to work as one of the three teachers at a preschool co-op playgroup, here in Chicago. Every August we have a special ceremony to see our oldest and boldest off into the wild territory of kindergarten and, appropriately, have a graduation ceremony.
My fellow teachers and I make a yearbook and help the kids fill out questionnaires, print hand and foot prints, and scribble on the 'autograph page' in the weeks leading up to graduation. For my personal bit, I give the parents an option of ordering a tooth box - a tradition that was active in this community before I was involved, but was handed off to me when they realized I was an artist.
This year I made nine, and took some photos to share here. They turned out pretty cute, and the kids and parents (who received them at graduation today) loved them. Mission accomplished!

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