Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is a gallery not a gallery when... in a bank?

       A month or so ago, I was invited by to participate as one of four artist to display in my bank's seasonal art show, cleverly titled, Artists Among Us. My self and three others had a month or two to get some work together to show (and hopefully sell) at the bank. As you might gather from this 'daily' blog, I struggle with deadlines and upkeep. I almost always hit the deadline, but, more often than not, its a becomes a scramble the week preceding said deadline. But, I made it, and here are the pictures to prove it. Besides the obvious ink jobs, these are charcoal on watercolor paper. The inks are on watercolor and bristol.

Here's the whole spread, in the big office. Oh, yeah, they gave me the big office.

 A glum looking Martha

This is my pal Brenna, in india ink.

Marthy in inks.

Another good friend, Jason, looking very Roman in charcoal.

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mallory said...

oh Ben, these look wonderful!
I like the inky Martha best.