Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Working for the weekend... And it's only Tuesday!

   The "plan" for today's "post" was to "draw" some batman "pages" for my portfolio. Sorry about all of the quotes. Anyway, I need to get my portfolio together for the comic book people. Seriously. What happened instead was that I worked a long day and then had a few early evening obligations to see to, then watched too much of The O.C. (season 2) to get anything else done.  But, don't worry, dear reader(s?), today wasn't a complete loss!
       One or two days a week, I work with a 
mural and faux-finishing studio. Today, we fauxed all day in a big crazy mansion. It was exhausting, and involved a lot of smearing and pressing with a trowel and a couple of metal spatulas. The house was unbelievable huge and VERY fancy. Oh, and, just so you know... my hands are still crusty.

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