Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Funny Book Practice

       Something like two months ago, I found myself bored and sitting around with nothing to do, when Wizard World Chicago tickets went on sale. I grabbed one and hit the convention, not before pausing to ask myself, "I wonder if I should bring samples of my work?" After bouncing the idea around  a few times, I decided (now to my chagrin) that it would be the comic book equivalent to giving your favorite musician a demo of your band and expecting them to take you seriously. Sadly, every artist I met that weekend - EVERY ONE - asked if I had a portfolio on hand, one even going as far as to lecture me in the 'this is how I got MY job' style, which hurt. So, living the last two months in regret, I've decided to take it seriously for next years convention. My coloring is still lacking, to the point that I won't post it (yet), but here are some ink drawings of some characters I've been practicing on.

       Ever since my first viewing of the MASTERPIECE that is The Dark Knight, the Joker's been in my head. Here's my rendition. It's more 'Joker' than 'Heath,' but I like the way it turned out.

       If your looking for a super-good time (Gawd...) check out Tom De Haven's It's Superman! Not only is it a fantastic Superman novel, it takes place in the pre-WWII, Sky Captain type of mythos. Very good, somewhat steam-punk, in my interpretation.

       Last and certainly not least, The Escapist! The focus character of the AMAZING book I'm almost finished with, The Escapist is one of the best plot-devices I have had the pleasure to encounter. The glory, the outright HUMANITY of the story of messieurs Kavalier and Clay has me tight in its grip. While sketching the actual protagonists has little draw, the product of their imagined imaginations has been littering up quite a few of my sketchbook pages lately. Also, it's got me wanting to draw like the old golden age masters... fewer lines, fatter pens, realistic anatomy... bee-yoo-tee-full!

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