Saturday, July 9, 2011

Showtime! 2011 edition

Hey friends and fans! Sorry, I don't mean to assume that you are a friend or fan just because you are tuned in and reading this, but I try to be positive. I would like to assume very few enemies or haters are reading this just to plan revenge or scoff at my general ambition.

ANYHOW! There's a social event coming up, hosted by me and the good people at AlleyCat Comics, in the charming village of Andersonville. Here is the general info, and a peek at one of the new paintings I'll be debuting at the show!

That's the latest work, tentatively titled Intergalactic Bromance. 7 to 10 on July 21st. You bring your feet, I'll bring the beer and snacks! See you in two weeks!

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