Monday, June 27, 2011

Art Camp! 2011 edition

A few weeks ago, I travelled to Kansas for my annual young artist's retreat, cleverly titled Art Camp! (insert year here). This was our third meeting, and, as usual, our group was mostly composed of students I had the pleasure of teaching back in my Kansas days, at Raintree.

There were a few new faces, but after three days, I felt like I had known them all as long as I'd known myself.

There was a lot of nerdy content in our collection, particularly Pokémon and Halo, as well as a lot of Star Wars talk, so naturally, I felt right at home.

Check out the photo spread below to see the fantastic work produced by Drew, Gabby, Rhiddi, Aidin, Eliot, Payton, Macy, Izzy, Julia, Madeline and Erik!

On the final day my BIL (brother in law) Joel stopped by and regaled the kids (and gave me time to clean up) with a string of terribly hilarious knock-knock jokes. The kids loved it. I loved it. Joel is an absolute peach.

And he can sew one heck of a taco!

Thanks again and again to the parents who make this possible. Without your lunch provisions, snack supplies and last-minute-runs for the supplies I left back home, it would have been a tear-filled misery-camp. You all rule, with much vigor. Really, truly, so much fun. See you all next summer!

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