Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Pair of Puppets

Once in a blue moon, I get an order for more than one puppet, and every so often, a pair. These two came in as I had nothing else on the docket, so I was able to do the work assembly-line-style, which really speeds things up. 

The clients were really fun people. We worked our way through the designs and small tweaks, and I was able to get quickly to the building stage. Here is a look at the 'finished' male puppet as I first presented it to them.

Dawww, they in love! The production of these puppets has come a long way from the old days, when they were slapped together from whatever cardboard and felt scraps I had laying around.

These days,  the 'skeleton' is made of durable, light weight poly foam and covered with anti-pill fleece. The next big step ( which I had been avoiding) was arm control rods. I watched a few YouTube videos and read some indie puppet blogs and came up with a technique that not only produced stable arm controls with wooden grips, but also posable fingers!   Very exciting stuff.

After looking at the pictures for a while, the clients felt that the male puppet looked a little sleepy, and lacked the energetic, kid friendly look they were hoping for. 

After some delicate eye surgery, the desired look was there, and the clients wee very happy for it. That's what we strive for here at Happy. 

Above: Happy

Below: Happy 

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