Thursday, November 8, 2012

Masks, about a month too late

The good thing about masks for kids is that they have a shelf life of 'forever.' The modern three year old is in some form of costume about 85% of the time, according to my data, so the fact that my animal masks were only available at Green Genes (and in my etsy shop) for about a week prior to Hallowe'en wasn't a complete loss. Here are some photos of some of my tiny friends modeling the latest fashions from the woodland runway!

A very spooky fox!
My favorite owl mask, and a silly cat.
Another fox in dark red and taupe!
Black cat!
A weary raccoon!
Two, er, woodland stormtroopers!
Clones! I still don't like that explanation... But hey, new (probably better) movies are coming down the line, so that will be cool. For now, let me know if you need a mask or two! below is the butterfly mask I made for my little niece Erielle. This one was a little more labor intensive, but I may just have to make a few for the shop.
Haha, look at her big ears poking out, what a cutie!
That's all for now! As always, thanks for reading!

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