Friday, May 4, 2012

The Fourth Will Be With You, Always.

Hey nerds, it's STAR WARS DAY! Put on your metal bikini's and fire up those DVD players!

Tangent: I do not own any part of the trilogy on Blu-ray; I only watch the episodes released before my pubescence, and only watch the original theatrical cuts, which are only available on DVD. End tangent.

I'm coming off as hypocritical, I fear, by whooping it up over here - my TV is off and cool to the touch. I do think this warrants getting a copy of Star Wars Kinect and hanging out at Josh's house whether he likes it or not. I'm a PS3 man, myself, and the only game I have is The Force Unleashed II, which isn't very high on the re-play-ability list. Oh, wait! I DO have the original soundtrack on vinyl! Vintage-hipster-nerd-party!

I'm off point. I wanted to post really quick and do a Star Wars Day sale, right here on the old blog. I have a handful of Star Wars themed artworks and prints available, and thought it may be a good idea to offer a discount, in respect of the holiday.

Here are the deals, and we'll leave Etsy out of this one. The prints come matted and bagged, ready to drop into a frame. The original artwork is shipped in frame, as you see it.

Just comment on this post to make a purchase, or e-mail me at

Gangsta' (11x14 matted print) $18 *regularly $30*

Force Feeding (11x14 matted print) $18 *regularly $30*

Galactic Bromance (11x14 matted print) $18 *regularly $30*

Just Like Dear Old Dad (11x14 matted print) $18 *regularly $30*

Watcher (8x10 matted print) $13 *regularly $20*

Droid Season (original ink and watercolor painting, framed) $95 *regularly $130*

Snow Wars (original gouache painting, framed) $100 *regularly $135*

Multiple prints are available, but the originals are, obviously, one of a kind. $4 shipping on prints, $8 on framed original artwork.

Thanks for reading, and may the force be with you!

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