Friday, June 3, 2011

It's again been too long, and I have no excuse.

It's hard to keep up on an art blog when art production slides to a halt. Well, a halt might be a little dramatic, but between my day job and the onset of spring, I have been spending VERY little time at my desk. The commission jobs that I have been working on have been sparse and are still in production, so there's almost nothing to report!

So, you, my good and fainthful reader, get to bask in the glory of unfinished character sketches for an upcoming project that I'm ALMOST ready to talk about. Officially, I mean.

These character designs were drawn in my sketchbook and inked in that Adobe ipad thingy I told you about months ago, back when I was a better person, who kept up on his blog. It realy is THE best for digital 'ink' lines. Just look at those edges!

Also... He has, um, a cat. *shameful kitty cat sketches EXPOSED*

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