Thursday, September 2, 2010


Or at least, the LATEST countdown. That seems less dramatic, though, somehow.

Renegade Craft Fair (Chicago Edition) is fast approaching, so I've been up late every night getting as much done for the sale as I can manage. Now we're almost down to a week, I had better redouble my efforts, as the British chaps always say in old war movies.

Here are some of the latest pegs I've been working on, and a sign for my booth, (I think) cleverly titled Ben There! Pop Nostalgia.

Some more substantial 3" Potter Pegs!

The dementor was the idea of my brilliant co-worker Jake Minton, playwright extrordinairre . He was right - take the scary (Dementors), slap some cute on it (squee!) and it rule(Z).

This is the latest piece of commission work I did - it's a wedding gift, for a couple out in San Diego, from their very generous and thoughtful friend Simone. That's the bride as Batman, The groom as Supes, and yes, they are under the sea... Which, I was very suspicious about, when Simone requested it, but it turned out pretty DARN cute.

Just look at those jellyfish!

Signing off! I'll write again after the fair! Come see me, September 11 and 12 in beautiful Wicker Park!


Genevieve said...

Ben! I love the pegs. I am so hopeful to come to the craft fair. I'm supposed to be out of town, but hoping that I can make it back in time on Sun afternoon. Good luck!

Jake said...

I haven't felt this strong of a COLLECT THEM ALL urge since... well, honestly, ever. Calvin and Hobbes books? Micro Machines? Nike AF1 Special Edition sneakers?


Margo Tinnin said...

How much do you charge for the pegs. I have two boys who are obsessed with Harry Potter!