Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Peg a Day, Something Something Something.

In preparation for the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair, I've been trying to do a peg for every day. Sometimes I make that goal, sometimes I don't... either way, the results are unanimously decreed CUTE! Here's a shot of a few finished ones, and a few with a lot of potential!

Below, you'll see that the size difference allows for a LOT of difference in style! The big Harry ('big' being 3") is far and away my favorite - he's just so much more 'toy' than the others. I've also, in the last few weeks, switched to a satin finish, water-based varnish, so they'll be safe for the kiddies to gnaw on from this point forward. I purposely left one Harry out of the shot, as to illustrate one of my very favorite chapters EVER: The Seven Potters.

This shot, on the other hand, has less resonance. I don't remember ever regarding 'The Six Chewies as an important part of a great adventure. But then... maybe!

Oh, my... beep-boop-blip!

Quick, SPIDEY! Whallop that zombie!

The last photo was taken on my sun porch, where I do my spraying, because of all of the windows. I thought it was pretty, and it looks like it's from Where the Wild Things Are (the movie, not the book).

DIG! More news soon!

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Ainslie Pretty said...

Man your peg people are the coolest! By the way....the applications are up for Renegade.