Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Cuteness!

In the days AFTER my much talked about recent show (talked about by ME, of course), I finished up an order of custom order of Russian (or) Matryoshka (or) nesting dolls. This is the second set I've done, and I'm going to open them up for online commission soon. People seem to think that they are adorable, and I can attest that at least this particular FAMILY that these were modeled after, is, in fact, adorable. Let me know what you think!

Ubiquitous artsy shot below!

The parents here, Matt and Maria, asked me to paint the two of them, their daughter Zoe, their two cats, Pong and QQ, and a fictional pet monkey, as little Zoe loves monkeys so very much. The set was a gift to Zo for her fifth birthday.

Here's a proper shot for scale. The biggest one is about seven inches, and the little guy is about three-quarters of an inch, all are wood, which I stain to varying degrees to attain a natural looking skin tone.

I asked Zoe, after she had been carrying them around protectively for a few hours, which one she liked best, and she said 'All of them. But could you paint Pong (the black cat) over again, to look less evil?' Hilarious.

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