Friday, October 2, 2009

Peek a Sneak...

Hey folks... good GOLLY I'm tired out. I've just, as in, this minute, finished framing the new work and touching up and tightening the old frames. All toldt, I'll be hanging 33 (!) paintings tomorrow... half old, half new. I hope people like it, I love it all... but then, I'm biased. Here are some sots of the old and new, getting cozy together.


matt said...

Good luck and enjoy yourself at the showing, you've earned it. The work looks great!

lori said...

Are you going to do prints of your HP series? Because I would really like some. :)
AND - I've been trying to get on the knot to rsvp, but it won't connect. Aidin, Eliot and I WILL be @ the wedding and Tim will come later for the reception. There's a KU game he's working that day.
Hope the show went well. :)

Benjamin Rumback said...

By my own rule, I make prints after an original sells. So I HOPE to be making prints of everything (wink)! I'll be posting detail pics of the show tomorrow!