Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's no great pumpkin... but it'll do.

       Let's start this thing right. We got a LOT of attention on the bus last night!

       The people who know me best could tell you, or, I guess I can tell you, as I'm the one writing... I take Hallowe'en very seriously. I love (almost) all things spooky, creepy and macabre. More than anything, I like the dressing up part! Over the years I've built up the expectations of my friends and family with my passion for making a better costume than the year before. This year, I did pretty good, I think. We'll start with the sketch:

       I dove right in after working out the details on paper, and, as always, had to make a LOT of changes and sacrifices along the way. Rather than take up line after line with detailed description of my long quest of fleece and foam, I'll just hit you with a work collage to summarize.

       And then I became THIS BEAST! It's a little warm in there, but, lucky for me, it was plenty chilly outside this weekend.

       Here's a better shot of my fine-looking tail. 

      I included this one because it's a funny shot.  Happy Hallowe'en!


Martha said...

i lurve you dinosaur!

matt said...

Love love love it. Especially the POV pic...I feel like I understand your inner dinosaur so much better.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to check out our family - I think you'll approve. :)