Tuesday, September 2, 2008

99 Red Balloons? Nah, like twenty-seven, probably.

      Every year, lovely little Lawrence, Kansas plays host to The Red Balloon To-Do. Every year that I lived in Lawrence, I went around from store to house to the next store/house/alley (venue) designated by the Red Balloon Gods, seeing the good, the bad, the ugly and the extraordinary. This year, I'm finally in it! The paintings are in the mail, the nails are in the wall, and this weekend, if your in Lawrence, you're more than invited to stop by Astrokitty Comics and More to check out my pictures. Here are a few close-ups to wet the pallette... PUNS!

 Stop by!



mallory said...

Special guest appearance by the Ben Rumback?

ben said...

sadly, no... I'll be in the joisey/york area... Still really happy to be howing though... Maybe I can make it down next year!